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Help to understand relationships in tables? LibreOffice BASE

Hello, I am starting to use BASE but I have doubts about why should I create relationships. I have seen tutorials and Youtube videos, and all people explain how to create relationships. Okay, I know what should I press, what should I click and so on... but what I don't understand is WHY? Why should I create a relationship among several tables? what benefits I do get with this? There are 3 kind of relationships: One to Many, Many to One, Many to Many... I would need that someone please, put me several practical examples, please, EASY, that I can understand about why should I do this? Also, I would need please, you explain me what happen after I create a relationship? I mean, when I create a relationship in the table design view mode I won't get any practical use or advantage about this? So? when I create a relationship I would get practical use of this, when doing forms? or queries? or reports? If you could specify me a bit please?