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Problem: Base connection to remote MySQL DB from a Mac

On a Linux machine (Ubuntu 11.04) I set up a connection between Base and a remote MySQL database. (I am using JDBC to connect, using class com.mysql.jdbc.Driver.)

I copied the ODB file from the Linux machine to a Windows 7 machine, and was able to use it in Base to connect to the remote MySQL database.

The same ODB file was copied to a Mac running OS X 10.5.8, and got the following error when it was used to try to connect to the remote MySQL DB:

SQL Status: 08001 Server connection failure during transaction. Due to underlying exception: ' Connection refused'.

Is there something different about the way we need to connect in Base on a Mac to a remote MySQL DB?

Is it possible we need to create a new ODB file on the Mac instead of using the copied ODB file?

I am trying to get some suggestions because I am not actually sitting at the Mac trying this. I am talking by phone to someone sitting at the Mac, who I am trying to give simple directions to, to get the connection set up there.

Note: On the Linux and Windows machines I had problems with frequent disconnects, which I resolved by adding parameters to the database name, in Base, as follows:


Is it possible the parameters above appended to the database name can cause problems when used on the Mac?

Thanks in advance for any solutions or suggestions.