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I have 2 tables - how can i select a related field by name instead of id?

I am making a game database. I created 2 tables. 1 is Titles and there are 3 fields (id, title, platform). 2 is Platforms (id, platform). The platform field in table 1 is related to the ID field in table 2.

When I make a game entry, I type the title and tab to the platform field, but I can only type an id number, like 0 or 1 and etc. I would like to be able to type the platform name. So for example in the platform table, platform 0 is Amiga and platform 1 is NES.

How can I make my data entry user friendly. If you recommend a form, I would be willing to try it, but I had a hard time trying to set up a form for this, so whatever recommendation you guys have, please keep in mind that I'm an absolute beginner.