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Good looking default styles

So one major drawback in LibreOffice for me is still the lack of good looking default styles. As you may know, in MS Office you get a large collection of styles for use in your documents. Based around different fonts, a theme, or colours. I am not creative, and I don't want to spend hours changing the default style. I really like Word's large style collection because you can quickly choose something to your liking and you just need to make slight adaptions for your needs.

In Google Docs I also miss this but I found a plugin which adds some good looking styles that I can use for the same purpose. Now, I also would like something like this for LibreOffice. Is there somewhere where I can get a nice collection of pre-made styles? I know there is, but those are more for, well, templates like formal letters or application forms. I am not really looking for that. Just stylings!

Thanks in advance!