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Corrupted ods file


I am using: LibreOffice Version: Build ID: 490fc03b25318460cfc54456516ea2519c11d1aa Locale: en-US (en.UTF-8)

I have worked an ods file since it was created on 14 April 2016. When I opened it yesterday, it opened and the spreadsheet had been replaced with a portrait document, like Word Document and not a spreadsheet that it was, and all the text has also been replaced with # (Hashtags). I restarted my computer and this problem was not fixed.

I really enjoyed using LibreOffice, though this has made me loose my work and I am looking at changing document program. I am writing this question here to hopefully help prevent this happening to someone in future as it may be a bug that can be fixed and also to see if it has happened to other people. If this file could be fixed then that would be a bonus. Other ods files are opening fine.