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Can one calculate age from a birthday field in Libre Office Base?

The question I am asking really refers to any date. Can one calculate time (either in days or years) between a past date (in a date field) and today. I know this can easily be done in Libre Office Calc, but I am wondering if it can be done in Libre Office Base. I am not familar with sql, so I was wondering if this could be done in a design query or through a wizard. I am also interested in knowing how to calculate time between two date fields, and two hour/minute fields (in minutes). I am currently trying to transfer some of my data and queries from Lotus Approach which was very user friendly for those who do not know sql. However, if this cannot be done any other way is there a Libre Office tutorial or textbook to learn sql for libre office base? Thanks for any help you can give. The learning curve between a simple minded use of Approach and Base is a difficult one for me.