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One (of two) subforms does not display data

Hi all

I am building a database (using the native database engine) in LO on Linux Mint. The database is trying to make sense of multiple suppliers of multiple components.

It has 3 tables: Products, Suppliers and ProductSuppliers, linked (I hope) with one-to-many relationships from the former two to the last one (not real sure how to tell the nature of the relationship).

The main ProductSuppliers form uses two subforms, picking up the details of the product (and the supplier) from the Products (or Supplier) table when a particular product name is picked from the drop-down list in the combo-box.

But I've stuffed it up somehow; when entering a new item in the ProductSuppliers form selecting the relevant entry from the Product drop-down list and clicking in the sub-form text box displays the description of the product - which is what I want. But then selecting the relevant entry from the Supplier drop-down list does not display the data in the supplier subform.

I've checked the controls for the combo-box and the subform and subform text boxes, and eveything looks fine (but then what do I know?). EarthCareTech