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Different alignment of different lines of text within a cell? (on mac)

Hey guys- here is an example to clarify the problem I am having:

C:\fakepath\Separate alignment example.ods

As you can see, this document contains different "categories" ("finance", "business" and "resources"), as shown in bold, red, underlined capitals. This text is centered, which is what I want.

However the black text beneath this text is also centered, which is not what I want. I want the black text to be aligned with the left hand cell margin.

I don't know how to separate the red "category" text from the black text so that I can keep the red text centered and align the black text with the left hand cell margin, as the only way I know of to force a line break in calc is to use command > return, which makes a new line but not a new paragraph, meaning all text before the forced line break is grouped together with text after the line break, therefore any alignment changes will affect all lines of text within the cell.

In writer I would just need to start a new paragraph after entering the "category" text by pressing return to force a line break, but in calc pressing return simply enters the text in the cell and deselects the cell. Shift > return, which in writer forces a line break within the same paragraph, does the same thing in calc as pressing return - enters the text in the cell and deselects the cell.

Any help with this would be just swell, fellas!