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2014-04-13 22:09:34 +0200 asked a question Writer: access to input list

Is it possible to determine either selected item or it's index in Writer's input list, for example for using it in conditional fields.

Also, can one input list be inserted few times with syncronizing it's selection? Or may be there's a way to bind it's selection to variable.

2014-04-13 14:01:12 +0200 asked a question Writer: conditional text and multichoice

There is a conditional text field in LibreOffice Writer, that will display one text if the condition is true, and other text, if it's false. But what if there's more than one condition?

As an example: we have 2 variable fields var1 and var2. We want to display {value of var1} < | = | > {value of var2}, comparing their values and selecting the appropriate relation. The single condition doesn't allow that, so is there any way to nest the conditions or what's ought to use instead?

(LibreOffice 3.6.2, Linux)