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It worked! Thank you so much! I had no idea it would be that simple. :)

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Disclaimer: I am a huge computer noob.

I just recently downloaded LibreOffice and uninstalled OpenOffice. I have a lot of OpenOffice documents, mostly impress and text documents, that I want to open with LibreOffice. I should be able to open them easily simply by clicking on them in my computer folders. However, whenever I click on a document, a window pops up saying 'Windows can't open this file.' So I try to select a different program to open the document, and LibreOffice isn't on the list of programs I can use. To open the document, I have to open LibreOffice and select 'Open'. I can still open and edit documents, but it takes a little longer this way and I find it a little irritating at times. I miss being able to just double-click on a document and just have it open like it did with OpenOffice.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)