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2014-06-11 01:30:36 +0200 asked a question Feature Request: Impress time to/of completion at this rate slides per second

Is it okay to post feature requests here? Please delete this post if not.

Impress shows the current time and the time elapsed.

I often have slideshows of more than 100 slides for my lectures.

It would be cool if instead (or as well as) of showing the current time and elapsed time, the hidden presenter side screen were also to show
1) the total time to slide show completion at this rate of seconds per slide
and or
2) the time of slide show completion at this rate of seconds per slide

I have just come back to OOO now LO after a long time in the M$ud. When I was last here there were no animations. Now I am finding LO Impress is better than powerp*. Thank you!

2014-06-11 01:21:29 +0200 commented question Help with slide-show on dual screen with impress

I love this! I have just come from powerpoint after a long time away from OOO/LO, and pp does not show me this dual thing with the next slide or timing or notes or if powerpoint does, I do not know how to get it to do so and it should do it by default because this is so cool!

2014-06-11 01:08:25 +0200 commented answer Track changes

Thanks! This is the first time that I have missed the M$Office ribbon.

I generally HATE the ribbon, prefered Office 2000 and am using Libre partly because of its lack of ribbon but in this one instance, since the act of reviewing a text is rather different to creating one, the ability to jump to a special top bar (ribbon) with all the functions that are associated with reviewing in one place is quite useful.