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2014-08-13 19:03:35 +0100 asked a question Writer Forms after 4.2.1 changed behavior

I have created a template form I use for writing office notes. In the past I could open the template and click on any field to open a text-entry window that would seamlessly flow with the other text on the page. The only issue I had was that spell-check didn't catch the text in these fields.

Since at least 4.2.5 (both Windows and Linux) the behavior has changed. Now the text entry fields only open an entry box if I go through the form from beginning to end using ctrl-shift-f9. I can edit text in the form fields as if they are part of the regular text, however I cannot use tabs in text entry fields with this method because TAB takes you to the next field. Also, since this change text entered into text entry fields does not word-wrap correctly at the end of a line. Words can start on one line and continue on the next (no hyphenation). These fields are still not subject to spell check.

The current behavior is much less usable. Is there any way to revert to the old behavior? I have in the interim downgraded to 4.1 on Windows but not my Linux installs.