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2014-09-09 17:04:01 +0100 asked a question How do I protect drawing line positions in Calc

When I draw lines in calc, save the document and close it, the lines will not stay in place. Next time I open the document, all lines and arrows drawn will appear in the left upper corner in a big pile.

2014-08-27 18:27:22 +0100 asked a question How do I keep drawn graphics in place in Libre Office Calc?

After I upgraded to Ubuntu 14.04, every time I open an old or re-open a new document in Libre Office Calc, all drawn graphics will end up as a pile in the upper left corner of the document. I draw on the documents with arrows, lines, etc. to make quick diagrams. I have done it for years in Libre Office and never had a problem. How do I keep the graphics where I initally placed them?