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2019-10-29 04:52:35 +0100 asked a question formatcell popup window spans multi-monitor

formatcell popup window spans multi-monitor I am having this problem with calc that I can not reduce the size of the pop

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"Automatically closed as being outdated," as I probably did not get a response nor update the status of this question.

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Not relevant??? OK, outdated, but still relevant. Working on master-child format, have to transport files between devic

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Master-Child links not relative. I have several master - child files that I use at work. When I need to work at home, I

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2016-05-05 20:31:28 +0100 answered a question Why can't I save downloaded libreoffice to favorites on Mac Air?

do not believe that there is an app for LO, but there are apps for Impress viewer specifically and an OpenOffice reader.

2016-05-05 20:21:11 +0100 answered a question Libre Office Crashes at first launch every time for every user

As an administrator, the only reason I would install applications on a server would be for the antivirus and similar to be able to correctly identify files saved on the machine.

Also, my users would not be directly nor remotely accessing the server, for the fact that something may go wrong. Now, if you have this application installed on the server, so that you only have to install one copy, instead of on each machine, I would suggest to you to do the latter. While Citrix's purpose is to allow a multi-user environment, most office suite applications are designed to be user specific/concentric. Meaning, each user has their own set of config/preference files, even for the most basic of programs. LO being one of them. What could be happening is that LO is trying to install new user config files, but somebody else's is already there, as XenDesktop clones a default profile, then pushes it out to the end user. So updating/upgrading LO to the latest version will always have this issue.

Now the link for the MSDN has reference that this could be a 32bit vs 64bit, that should not be an issue. This would go back to how your Citrix server is set up. Are the apps being run on the local machine or the server? WinSvr20089R2 is 64bit and as long as the app is running on the server, the cpu on the local machine could care less if it was a 64bit program or not. But, if the Citrix server is set up to do a hybrid style, where the apps/files/programs were stored on the server, but run on the local, that could be a problem.

What ever the case, with out specifications on how your Citrix is setup, plus being out of scope, I do not think that you are going to get your answer here.

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2016-05-05 19:36:51 +0100 asked a question How to create a custom dictionary?

I have several(6) manuals for the company that I work for and each has their own dictionary. All the manuals are in a master-child format(70-80 children). But, how to create a custom alphabetized dictionary complete with definitions in a outline numbering style? The problem is when we have to add additional words to the dictionary, we have to manually alphabetize them.

Now, I hear the negative remarks already, so, yes, it is easily done with one or two words, but this year, we have 44 new, in just one manual.

I do have a database (M$Access) with the words and definitions, but none of the exporting options correctly export. And Base will not let me do more that one subform at a time, nor in a datasheet view.

What would be my next step?

2015-01-03 04:37:15 +0100 asked a question Master-Child links not relative.

I have several master - child files that I use at work. When I need to work at home, I copy the files, master and children(in same directory structure) to a usb. At home, when I open the master, all links to the children are absolute links, ie "file:\\X:\NetworkDirectory\MyDirectory\MasterDirectory\ChildDirectory\ChildFile.odt" , and not "file:\.\ChildDirectory\ChildFile.odt". This is true for both my Windows7 box and my OpenSUSe13.1 box. Both are using LO4.2. Is there a setting I need to have relative links, and not absolute?