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2015-12-28 03:24:38 +0200 answered a question I create a table of contents up to Header 1 but Title entries are shown

You need to apply a different style to the author name if you don't want it to show up in the index. It should not use any of the Title or Heading styles. Then refresh your index.

2015-12-20 03:31:04 +0200 answered a question Cannot install 5.0.4 .deb Linux package

After extracting the .deb file, there should be a readmes folder with a read me file alongside the deb folder with instructions on installing it. After reading it, open the deb folder, right-click and choose Open In Terminal. Enter this in the terminal and press enter:

sudo dpkg -i *.deb

You'll be asked for your password. Enter it and LibreOffice should install.

2015-12-18 04:09:54 +0200 answered a question I have downloaded version but need to get the offline help text.

Go to the LibreOffice website, click on Download. On the download page, below the download button for the Main Installer, click on the button that says Help For Offline Use. Save the file to your computer. Double-click on the file that downloaded and follow the install instructions.

You can also download the User Guide for Writer that gives a lot of useful information from

2015-12-18 03:37:54 +0200 commented question LibreOffice behaving strange after font change

I have the same problem, but if you change the font and it starts acting weird, try to save the document. If a blank or weird window comes up, click on the right side of the window where the Save button normally is and the document will save. Then close LibreOffice and reopen the document. Your changes should have been saved and will show when you reload the document.

2015-12-18 03:24:29 +0200 answered a question downloaded templates are blank. I have ver 4.3 and Windows 10

Try going to the templates website again, choosing a different template and downloading it. Does the template load? What is the name of the template that is blank?

2015-08-09 21:38:04 +0200 answered a question Missing custom paper size in the printer properties menu

I think the best way to handle this is to use a template within LibreOffice. You can find a good bit of information in the LibreOffice user guides. Create a new, blank document. In Format - Page, modify the page size to your new paper size. The page size type shown will change to 'User'. Save the blank document as a template. Then when you want to use that specific paper size, open the template from File - New - Templates, type your document, save it, then print it after selecting the correct paper tray. The paper sizes LibreOffice uses are stored within LibreOffice and are not dependent on the settings in the CUPS driver as far as I know.

2015-04-28 06:35:24 +0200 answered a question HELP! I Need an answer ASAP: Do images always affect paragraphs?

Right click on the image, go to Wrap, select either Wrap Through or In Background and the image will not affect your text flow.

2015-04-28 06:30:23 +0200 commented question Install/download error

You should have an msi file in your downloads folder where you originally chose to download LibreOffice. Check again where your default download location is and look there. If the file did not download completely, try it again. It should be about 213 MB.

2015-04-19 01:29:33 +0200 commented answer How do I ignore cells with #N/A in a function?

As I stated above, it is simply an example formula.

2015-04-19 01:25:18 +0200 commented answer How do I ignore cells with #N/A in a function?

@Lupp, this is an example formula. I know summing one cell will not add many lines. The range is meant to be replaced as needed. I acknowledge that the zero may affect average functions, but it can be modified as needed.

2015-04-17 13:58:04 +0200 answered a question How do I ignore cells with #N/A in a function?

Change your sum and average formulas to include error checking using the iserror or isna functions. Something like this will check for errors, then do your calculation:

=IF(ISNA(A5), 0, SUM(A5))

If there is an error, the result will be 0 and your further column functions will work properly.

2015-04-16 10:57:04 +0200 commented answer Hello, I've downloaded Libre today, but when trying to install it I'm getting the message saying that windows can't open this file, and that I need to choose a program from the web or a list of installed ones. Any ideas on what to do next?

The file seems to be ok. Follow these troubleshooting steps msi won't install

2015-04-16 05:21:32 +0200 answered a question Hello, I've downloaded Libre today, but when trying to install it I'm getting the message saying that windows can't open this file, and that I need to choose a program from the web or a list of installed ones. Any ideas on what to do next?

Check that the file you downloaded is about 210 MB in sze. Then rename the file extension to ".msi". It may currently have a .man extension. See this question for more info:

2015-04-13 03:53:01 +0200 commented question Tools - Cell Contents - Autoinput greyed out

Closing this question due to age and that the correct behavior is observed in Ubuntu 14.10.

2015-04-13 03:40:00 +0200 answered a question LibreOffice Calc cell format not saving in xlsx format

I can confirm this behavior in Please file a bug report here. One note on converting a number with 6 leading zeros to text format: The cell may show the six leading zeros, but that is not what is actually stored in the cell. If I enter 25 in a cell and format with leading zeros, then change it to text format, the cell will show 25, which is the correct value. If you need the zeros to be there after converting to text, you will have to add the zeros to the front of the number manually or with a formula.

2015-04-01 05:51:55 +0200 answered a question How to put page numbers starting with page 2 of document and continue to end.

Go to Format - Title Page from the main menu. There are several options you can modify, but put a checkmark next to 'Reset page numbering after title pages', choose a page style and click ok.

2015-04-01 05:14:38 +0200 answered a question I cannot find a download "button" to get Libre Office to open and start up on my computer.

Click this link to the download page. Then click the green button that says Download Version 4.4.1.

2015-03-19 04:49:30 +0200 answered a question How to define a new envelope size

In the current version of LibreOffice,, the #6 3/4 envelope size is included in the list of envelope sizes. When this question was asked in 2014, the current version at the time may not have included it. But no, I don't think it's possible to add an envelope size to the list other than using the user-defined option.

2015-03-19 04:31:35 +0200 answered a question envelopeaddress

Download the Getting Started 4.2 user guide from this link and see chapter 10 entitled Printing, Exporting, and Emailing. Detailed instructions for printing an envelope are provided.

2015-03-18 05:35:37 +0200 answered a question I have donated and want to download, but am routed back to the donations page.

First of all, thank you for your donation! Try clicking this link to the download page. It could be a misdirected link or some browser add-ons can cause redirections to not work properly. Let us know if this helps.

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2015-02-20 05:08:25 +0200 answered a question Getting message I need java

Simply download Java from and install it. LibreOffice will automatically find your java directory if you use the default intstall location. Go to Tools - Options - Advanced if you have special install needs. Needing Java for the database component of LibreOffice is a requirement on all OSs, not specifically Macs.

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2015-02-01 08:47:45 +0200 edited question LO 4 install problem with Mavericks

LibreOffice 4.4.0 downloaded OK to Mavericks (MacOS 10.9.5) but cannot open. Control-clicking and pressing Open does not work. LO older version still runs OK. Can anyone advise?

2015-01-27 20:05:15 +0200 commented answer How do I move Libreoffice templates to a new installation?

What OS are you using?

2015-01-27 19:51:06 +0200 commented question Will my current Libre documents transfer to an updated version?

@Timur, please be more considerate of visitors and their questions. They are valuable. Yes, all your documents can be used in later versions of LIbreOffice. If you are having a problem with printing, please describe the steps and results you are taking to print.

2015-01-27 19:45:47 +0200 answered a question Can someone help me locate the location of a document to delete?

In the LibreOffice start center, hover over the recent document preview and click the X in the upper right-hand corner. This will remove it from your recent documents list.

2015-01-27 19:40:02 +0200 answered a question How do I move Libreoffice templates to a new installation?

File - Templates - Manage, select the template you want to backup by clicking on it once, then clicking the Export button. Save the file where needed.

2015-01-20 22:36:25 +0200 commented answer Function Help please

unmerge the cells for the bottom two rows, delete the empty ones, and set the formula to the correct row.

2015-01-20 22:10:00 +0200 commented answer Function Help please

The last part of your formula should be 2,1 instead of 1,1. You want to lookup the second row. As it is you are looking up row 1 of the range, which returns the value 900.

2015-01-20 20:10:31 +0200 answered a question Function Help please

Use HLOOKUP in O4. The Value will be the cell below that finds the MAX value. That cell should be 855 RON to match the MAX value found. Also, copy the row with month names to row 16 so the VLOOKUP can find the Month name below the MAX value. Your range for the VLOOKUP will be rows 15 and 16. You can hide row 16 if you don't want it to be visable.

2015-01-19 14:53:45 +0200 commented question How do I make my page fit A4?

Sorry, that's all I can tell you except formatting the page as landscape and adjusting the columns, but you said you already tried that.