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2015-09-28 17:19:49 +0200 commented question Where is LibreOffice for 64 bit Windows 8?
2015-09-28 17:17:15 +0200 answered a question Where is LibreOffice for 64 bit Windows 8?

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Updated Answer

LibreOffice 5+ Has a 64 Bit Build for Windows: Beta News Link

From LibreOffice's Website:

Be sure to verify the end of the installation file name, For example:


Other Websites:

The LibreOffice download page has: "torrent" and "info" links. The info link will provide the Hashes to verify the download file, (PGP, SHA, MD5, Torrent, etc).

Other websites do have their own links, but personally I feel a bit more comfortable downloading updates, etc, and verifying hashes from the LibreOffice site.

Hope this Helps:

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2015-05-18 18:22:28 +0200 answered a question How to convert PDF to ODT?

Workaround: Use Microsoft Office to open PDF, then Save As .ODT ... Then link new document from LibreOffice Writer Master Document. *cough.

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2015-05-18 18:20:34 +0200 answered a question How to add footer on linked/inserted documents?

With Much Work-A-Round, I did manage to accomplish this.

  1. Attach/insert a document into your master page document.
  2. Notice the new MP[0] Page Styles.
  3. Remove the Inserted/attached files.
  4. Note the added page styles still exist, MP[*],
  5. Remove all MP[?] Page Styles, EXCEPT MP0.
  6. Add a Footer, or whatever to MP0, with a "Frame" .. insert page number fields into the frame.
  7. Edit the Frame, "Bring to Front".
  8. Insert Attached Documents again.
  9. Save the MP0 style, but remove all of the junk MP1-MP* styles.
  10. For each inserted document, you /may/ have to go into the page style, and re-raise the Frame to "Front".

It is quite a glitchy method, but works, albeit inconsistently.

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2015-05-18 18:11:58 +0200 commented answer Where is LibreOffice for 64 bit Windows 8?

Is there any news? The difference between Windows and Linux is substantial--for no good reason. I cannot overstate the necessity of a 64 bit build when composing very large documents, (including appendices with many-paged attachments), This is required in Academic and Legal Writing. I just composed a Master document with 15 attached appendices, ending at 300+ pages, crawling on Windows, but fine on Linux -- using the same machine/hardware.

2015-03-27 20:04:54 +0200 answered a question How to set Page Style for Inserted Documents?

Definitely a hack Work-A-Round: but it also lets you add page numbers and references from inserted documents .... So ...

  1. Create a Table of Contents -- before the documents that you want to insert...
  2. Libre Writer adds a "Text" section below;
  3. Insert Your document before the "Text" section, AFTER the Table of Contents;
  4. Lbre Writer adds MP[0-*] styles for each page;
  5. Delete the inserted document, and lament all the MP[*] Page Style spam;
  6. Change the Page Style of the Table of Contents page you entered to MP0;
  7. Delete all MP1-MP[*] Page Styles, SAVE the MP0 Style;
  8. Customize your MP0 named Page Style, arranging your elements to "Top" to cover the inserted pages it will apply to, (like a frame/footer to have page numbers!);
  9. Insert your document again;
  10. Libre-Writer Spam adds MP[1-*] Page Styles again, but doesn't overwrite MP0 ...
  11. Delete MP[1-*] Page Styles, --but DO NOT delete MP0.
  12. For some "WoO-wOo" reason, Libre-Office Writer automagically changes those pages to have the MP0 Page Style, rather than to "Default" ...
  13. Profit! And drink something stout to make the shakes go away ...
2015-03-27 19:49:41 +0200 asked a question How to set Page Style for Inserted Documents?

Question 1: How can you specify the default Page Style for a file you are about to insert?

Question 2: Or, is it possible to change the Page Style, after-the-fact, for each inserted page of the file?

Use Case:

I have a master document, wherein I "insert file," and Libre Office Writer "Spam Adds" a new page style for every inserted page, (in my example: MP0, MP1, MP2, MP3, etc, etc, etc).

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2015-03-24 19:12:46 +0200 answered a question How to Add Index Entry with "Click"?


I noticed documentation addressing this exact problem, with a very manual way of accomplishing this.

Unfortunately, there is still no "Feature" within LibreOffice to solve this problem, but a very, very, tedious work-around.

Documentation/How Tos/Writing Legal Briefs

As the writer states, the reduncies have to be fixed:

Because we just marked the entries as they appeared, you will notice some redundancies. For example, you might see "In re Paul (2001) 55 Cal.App.4th 200....2, 4." Then, right below it, you might see the short version that you marked separately because you're lazy and I told you to: "In re Paul, supra, 55 Cal.App.4th at p. 204....6" To fix this, just delete the lower short version and add page "6" to the full version above.

Please advise if there is another solution to this.

2015-03-24 18:52:01 +0200 asked a question How to Add Index Entry with "Click"?

Question 1: Is there a way to predefine an Index Entry in LibreOffice Writer, that allows you to reuse an Index Entry, without having duplicate entries?

Question 2: Is there a way to: (1.) highlight the text you want to index; then (2.) "Navigate" to already existing index entries in your document; (3.) Then double-click that entry; and then (4.) your highlighted text is automagically added to the index; (5.) and also Index Entry would apply a character style to the selected text?

Question 3: OR Alternatively, Is there a way to: (1.) Define a Character Style that is associated with a specific Index Entry; (2.) When applying that character style, the selected text would be added to the index? (This would un-ideally result in character styles for every Main Index Entry in the document).

Problem: In LibreOffice Writer, adding alphabetic Index Entries often results in many, many duplicates in the Index "browser," when adding a new Index.

Use Case:

I have complex legal documents, that often have index entries, which are referenced to many, many, times throughout the document.

  1. There is a case, which says, "Wow, everyone is kinda crazy," BOB v. RALPH 243 F.99d 102, 103 (15th Cir. 2099), and it sets precedence in such and such a way.
  2. This is a line about something else.
  3. This case, (ibid. at 1014), also says such and such.
  4. But its opinion, (ibid. at 1015), is superseded by local statute.
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2015-03-21 00:58:18 +0200 edited question How to convert PDF to ODT?


Question: is there a way to convert multi-page PDF documents to ODT so they can be linked to from a Master Document. And, if so, is there a way to do this for many PDF documents, (in a batch?)?

Use Case:

I often draft legal documents which, and in their appendices, have attached PDF documents which are "Exhibits".

Unfortunately, it does not seem that Master documents allow linking to PDF documents which would be composited into the final document.

When I go to export/print the "composite document," I need all of the linked PDF documents to print in their place, and for the master document to maintain correct page numbering.

Thank you!

2015-03-20 22:46:52 +0200 commented answer How to add footer on linked/inserted documents?

Just to clarify, when I finally managed to convert the PDF documents to ODT, I still have the difficulty trying to insert footers on arranged on top of the inserted pages..

2015-03-20 22:45:49 +0200 edited question How to add footer on linked/inserted documents?


Question: How do you add page numbers, (an additional footer), to all of the pages of the inserted documents, (ODTs and/or PDFs)?

Use Case:

I frequently write large documents, (legal documents, research papers, etc.), with inserted title pages, tables of contents, authorities, but the primary issue is with appendices, (A & B).

When I insert a file, (from the Master Document menu), the documents are inserted at 8" x 11", and there is no room for a footer... I would either like to: (A.) insert a "footer" or overlay arranged on top of the inserted pages; or (B.) insert the documents at 90% size so that footers can be added.

The table of contents must cite the page number that each appendix/exhibit starts on.

NOTE: Edited to make sure that this question covers just ODT documents linked, and not just PDFs.

Thank you very much for your help!

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