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I just experienced exactly this problem.

I have a large spreadsheet of names and addresses; a mailing list. I recently did a mailing in which I printed four records per letter-size page, and cut the page into quarters for post cards. Actually I saved the mail-merge output to a file, and then printed from the file.

It was only later I realized the file created by the mail-merge had skipped every fifth record. Since I have only four records per page, it appears this is exactly the same problem described by the OP.

I followed the recommendation of examining the template to see if there was an extra "next record" field, but there is not. All four field-slots on the page are identical.

I used to do a lot of mail-merge with OpenOffice several years ago, but this is the first time I can remember using LibreOffice. The process doesn't appear to be any different. What I'm saying is, I don't think I did anything odd which might have caused such a problem.

As it stands, I failed to mail out a fifth of my list. I can single out the ones who didn't get mailed, pull them into a new list, and go again. But I'll probably be missing a fifth of those as well, which is ridiculous, right? :-)

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.