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I'm learning to use Base and have a problem with creating a table using a .CSV file. I've imported the .CSV file to Calc and copied the data to form a Table by pasting it directly to the Tables area of data base. When I click on "Create", I get a Warning message that says "Value Too Long In Statement" and proceeds to list all of the fields associated with the Calc file that I'm trying to import. I've alter the characteristics of every field type to MEMO [LONGVARCHAR] thinking that some of the longer texts in a couple of the cells were causing this problem but I still get the same results. I would have liked to attach a screen shot and a sample of the Calc file but when I tried to attach them, I get a error message that says I need 3 points before I can attach or upload any files. Can some one point me in the right direction and help me solve this.
Thanks In Advance, Mark marksvcr@yahoo.com