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New labels, 'Type' has no content I had to enter all the parameters for my label sheet as the only option under 'Type' w

2015-12-28 11:55:04 +0200 answered a question Writer with pictures often fails.

Lost images in LibreOffice Writer:

I have the same problem in Libre Office for windows (10) (and have had the problem in the last several versions). I left my document for some time and the images were lost when I returned, each image replaced by a same size and positioned outline, with an image icon and the report 'Read-Error'. Thankfully the saved document was still intact. Checking out the suggestions-

A: Memory related: Related to the variables in the memory settings?:

  1. 'Number of steps'; set at the default of 100: I'd not done 100 edits so unlikely to be an issue.
  2. 'Graphics Cache: Use for LibreOffice'; set at default of 20MB: My document is only 200kB so unlikely to be an issue.
  3. 'Graphics Cache: Memory per object'; set at 5.2MB: my whole document is only 200kB so unlikely to be an issue.
  4. 'Graphics Cache: Remove from memory after'; set at 10 mins: after loading the 20 images I had to leave it for some time. When I returned my images were lost. As the loss was time related this is a possible cause.
  5. 'Cache for inserted objects'; set at 20; my document had 20 *.png emojis so could be suspect, but I have another document with a single image which had the same fault (after a period of time) so this is less likely to be a cause.

B: Autosave settings:

  1. 'Save Autorecovery information every'; set at 15 minutes. A possibility as it is time based.
  2. 'Automatically save the document too'; is unchecked so presumably not relevant.
  3. 'Edit document properties before saving'; is unchecked so presumably not relevant.
  4. 'Always create a backup copy'; is unchecked so presumably not relevant.

Theory testing:

Test 1: So the likely suspects are the time based variables for the graphics cache and the autorecovery information. So as an experiment I reset both to over an hour. I then left the document open for maybe 5 minutes and the 'Read-error' had returned, so disproving either of these possibilities.

Test 2: The unlikely variables were the 'Graphics Cache: Use for LibreOffice' and 'Cache for inserted objects' both of which I reset from 20 to 40 (MB and number respectively). At this point I left the document open for over an hour and this time all was OK (no error report).

So based on a single test it seems that resetting these variables has resolved it (although it still could be entirely co-incidental and due to some other process or app conflict).