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2012-10-22 17:53:02 +0200 answered a question Deleting a page

Thank you all for your help. It took a while for me with my very limited technical knowledge to figure out what you were telling me, but I finally got it. I eliminated the non-viewable characters and, "POOF" I'm back to one page. Again many, many thanks.

2012-10-16 15:31:30 +0200 answered a question Deleting a page

Thank you for the suggestions so far, however, following your instructions reveals no visible markings of any kind on page 2. On my keyboard F10 is the Audio Mute toggle button. I have tried several combinations of shift, control, option, and command buttons with F10 but all I get is the speakers turning off and on.

2012-10-14 21:47:32 +0200 answered a question Deleting a page

Perhaps I gave insufficient information in my original question. I am using an iMac with 10.6 OS. I am using a HP Deskjet Printer, Model 3050A. There is no text on the second page. It appears that since there once was text on the page the program thinks the page should still be there even if it is blank. Thanks for the prompt response.

2012-10-13 18:44:50 +0200 asked a question Deleting a page

I have a document that I frequently update. This document was previously 2 pages but is now contained to one page. When printing, unless I remember to specify to print one page only, 2 pieces of paper go through to printer. How do I delete the second, unused, page in the document?