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2016-01-25 13:49:25 +0100 asked a question Is my file lost forever? Calc restored file to an old version. Backup was disabled.


I use a spreadsheet every day to record my freelance information. On the 17th, copied the template and filled it out everyday. Today, the 20th, I was filling out my spreadsheet as normal. I tried to open 4 word documents when LibreOffice stopped responding. I closed Word and then it said, would you like to recover your files? I saw the spreadsheet was in there and thought that was weird and hesitated to restore it. Now, my spreadsheet has been reverted to the 16th :(. I tried to find backups, but the option was not enabled (IMO, it should be enabled as a factory pre-set). Please tell me there is some way of finding the updated copy of the file as there is no way to get the data back else wise. I should have backed it up to my external drive, but didn't think something like this would happen, where 4 days worth of data is gone. I turn off my computer almost every day or every other day, so I'm 90% sure I have saved this file in the last four days. Is there any hope?

Update: Click on something and found a menu called "Manage Changes". I see where it says I was working in the sheet that is now missing, It says Change Contents Template.D1 01/20/2016 (Cell D1 changed from 20.01.2016 14:04 to 'Co C') Then it says accept, reject, accept all, reject all.

2016-01-25 13:39:46 +0100 answered a question Newest sheets keep getting lost or deleted in shutdown/ restore

I am having the same problem. LibreOffice crashed and offered to restore the sheet file. It restored it to a version from 4 days ago!!! :( Where is the data from the last four days? I'm 99% sure I saved the file several time (as I turn off my computer every day or two). Have I lost irreplaceable data? The backup option was not enable. Please someone tell me there is a way to find a version of the document from between today and four days ago. I already tried checking for backups. It just seems weird to lost four days worth of work and there not be any copies availabl.