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2016-01-27 12:03:58 +0200 asked a question Why am I unable to add a new record in my form?

I apologize, I'm new to this so if I miss something important please let me know.

I created my tables and my query, and I created a form from that query. However, when I open the form, most of the buttons on the bottom are grayed out. Except the movement buttons (next record, etc), Sort, Form-Based Filters, and Data Source as Tables. The text boxes are also grayed out, but still display information.

The form immediately opens one of the records that I made, all the information from the query, etc, but I'm unsure why I am unable to create a new record. In Control>Form Properties>Data I Allow additions, modification, deletions, and I do not allow Add data only. The Cycle is Default.

Thank you for your help.