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2016-07-13 21:53:24 +0200 commented question Issue with LibreOffice Base [DATE] Default Value in Design View

Hi Ratslinger, I just wanted to confirm this issue exist as Sparky_77 mentioned. Like I wrote I tested in AOO 4.1.2 & LO 5.1.4 with embedded dbase (both are portable app versions on a USB stick).

2016-07-08 23:34:41 +0200 commented question Issue with LibreOffice Base [DATE] Default Value in Design View

Hi I checked on my lap, win10, LO & AOO both portable app, latest version. I created a simple embedded dbase in both versions. a default value in a text column works fine. But in a date column the date entered as default is not working, I created a default date in Belgian Dutch format. 01/07/16 (DD/MM/YY) and when trying to add a record it was not showing this date, it was even a incorrect format , I returned to the design mode and the default date was +4: 05/07/16 ?!

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2016-06-04 21:46:32 +0200 answered a question acces2base L.O vs O.O - Gridcontrol - Column Position

I close this item as there is a workaround.

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2016-05-30 16:50:22 +0200 asked a question acces2base L.O vs O.O - Gridcontrol - Column Position

L.O. acces2base. mysql

I created a form, grid, based on a stored query which contains all members of our club.

A button will open a form with member details based on the record ID of the member in the grid.

This ID is the first column in the grid, and therefor has position 0.

It works fine in L.O. but when I use Open Office (on another laptop) I have to change the script. The value of ID has to be set to 5??

I discovered that in L.O. this ID column has to stay the first one if I want to use "0"

In O.O. changing the position of the column doesn't change anything. I checked if this has to do with the position in the query on which the form is build but I can't find anything.

How can I make this work in both L.O. & O.O.? As I will have more of this in my application & I want to distribute it to different people in the club, I do not want to edit all the time the macro's depending what it is used, L.O. or O.O.

This is the macro:

Function OpenFormLid

Dim ocGrid As Object

Dim ID as Integer ' ID van lid

Dim ssql as string

Dim sf as string

Dim ofForm As Object

Set ofForm = Forms("f_leden")

Set ocGrid = ofForm.Controls("MainForm_Grid")

 ID = ocGrid.Controls(0).Value


ssql = " t_leden.leden_id = " & ID

DoCmd.OpenForm (sf, ,ssql , , )

End Function

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2016-05-18 14:10:15 +0200 answered a question Database does not saves changes to disk after form submitting

are you using the embedded database 1.8? As .I don't think the record is saved to disk before a normal close down is executed. HSQL is present all the time in memory.
I think you should split the database or use a back-end like mysql.

2016-05-17 23:03:51 +0200 asked a question L.O. window not closing, split database

L.O. 5.1.2 & 3 - base - split database (1 x mysql, 1 x hsql 2.3) - access2base - win10 home 64

When closing l.o. (base application) most of the time the last window won't close after having modified data or edited macro's & forms.

I have to use taskmanager to end the application. There is no cpu activity, but l.o. is still in memory.

It happens more with the back-end hsql 2.3.
I tried with 32b & 64b version 5.1.2. & now with 5.1.3
I tried different ways to close, access2 base command quit, control-q, toolbar menu exit.
I have the same issue on 2 different laptops (brand & hardware)
I googled and read some articles about recreating profile, anti-virus etc...

Any idea somebody?

2016-05-16 23:50:19 +0200 answered a question Cannot get records to add in Base even after adding unique index

You MUST have a Primary Key, a unique index is not enough

2016-05-16 23:36:10 +0200 commented question access2base - FindRecord, only for numbers?

OK. I will create a workaround in the meantime by adding radiobuttons, number search or string search. Thanks.

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2016-05-12 22:06:48 +0200 asked a question access2base - FindRecord, only for numbers?

L.0. 5.1.2, acces2base 1.4, dbase = mysql, form ( "f_leden") containing a grid filled with some data from clubmembers.

I want to search for a member by entering some data in a non-linked field "Zoek", then starting the macro ZoekLid

It works fine as long as I declare "Zoek" as an integer (or i.e. long) & enter an integer number.

But if I declare "Zoek" as i.e. as "string" or "Variant", I get an error message #13 DataType not matching.....

This is the macro which will work fine if I enter a integer number in the control named "Zoek":

Function ZoekLid 

 Dim ofForm, ocControl As Object 
 Dim iZoek as Integer

Set ofForm = Forms("f_leden")
Set ocControl = ofForm.Controls("Zoek")
iZoek = ocControl.Value


  If Not FindRecord(iZoek, , , , ,acAll) Then MsgBox "Niet gevonden!"

   End Function

What is wrong? Is "FindRecord" limited to this type of data?

Thanks for any help

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2016-04-15 22:39:04 +0200 answered a question Access2Base Output Command failure

OK, I missed this: - Method: Output the data in the specified object (currently only a form) to several output formats.

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2016-04-14 22:45:47 +0200 asked a question Access2Base Output Command failure

Hello, I use access2base & I want to export data (tables& queries) from the (Mysql) membership database. Since my previous experience (bug in DLookup Mysql) I now try first in a base file with the HSQL embedded database. I want to export the memberdata & I use the following command:

DoCmd.OutputTo(acOutputTable, "t_Leden",acFormatXLSX, "C:\Users\michel\Documents\Libre Office\leden.xlsx",True,,,)

A error message pops up: Error #1503 (Argument nr. 3 [Value = 'CALC MS EXCEL 2007 XML'] is invalid) occurred in a call to function 'OutputTo'

I discovered only this one was ok, export a open form to a pdf:

DoCmd.OutputTo(acOutputForm, "f_Leden",acFormatPDF, "C:\Users\michel\Documents\Libre Office\Leden.pdf",True,,,)

Have I missed something here?

Thanks for the support


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2016-04-12 13:29:04 +0200 answered a question Access2Base DFunctions with Mysql

Hi, Thanks for your replies but unfortunatly, not working :-(

S = DLookup("[club_seizoen]", "[vtt_leden.t_club]", "[club_id]= " & C)

S = DLookup("[club_seizoen]", "[t_club]", "[club_id]= " & C)

I tried really a lot of different possibilities.

I found this: "" but it seems it was a false alarm: the name of a table was incorrect (case sensitive) I am pretty sure table & fieldnames are all correct as I do not use capitals

Regards michel

2016-04-11 23:36:03 +0200 asked a question Access2Base DFunctions with Mysql

I am working on a membership database based on the one I created in ms-access, front end = libre office base, back end is a Mysql (usb)server. I use the native mysql connector In the mysql server I created the database vtt_leden. In vtt_leden there are 2 tables, one containing the information about the club & current (sport)season: t_club, one with the memberdata: t_leden From within the member details form I want to read from the table "t_club" the start year of the current sport season (field "club_seizoen"). (I will store this value in the field "leden_seizoen" if the player is participating this season) For this I use DLookup.

Dim C as integer C=1 'there is only one record in this table S = DLookup("[club_seizoen]", "[vtt_leden].[t_club]", "[club_id]= " & C When executing the macro I receive a error message: Error #1510 (DFunction execution failed, SQL=SELECT TOP 1 "club_seizoen" AS "TEMP48341" FROM "vtt_leden"."t_club" WHERE "club_id"= 1) occurred in DLookup

I tested the same script in a lo with embedded database & it works fine S = DLookup("[club_seizoen]", "[t_club]", "[club_id]= " & C

So I wounder if access2base can be used with mysql database. Anyone with access2base experience can tell me more?

(As a temporary solution I execute a Update SQL, but I can not see the result immediatly on screen.)

2016-04-11 18:06:10 +0200 commented answer addition of hours

Yes, this is the most easiest way. I build a lot of applications in ms-acces this way (engineer & sales activities)

2016-04-10 22:45:01 +0200 commented answer Base Crashing Regularly

sorry, below ....

2016-04-10 22:44:27 +0200 answered a question Base Crashing Regularly

I can only agree above suggestion. Split! I have a win pc, just installed lo to & I use the mysql database from USBwebserver v8 ( & the extension Native Mysql connector 1.02. You can use lo base to create-edit tables & relationships or use phpadmin.

2016-04-10 22:37:15 +0200 answered a question Why can't I close or edit my LO document? It's like it's frozen.

This seems to be a known issue in some previous 5.x versions. I just installed 5.1.2 & since then no issues anymore. (windows 10)

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2016-04-10 21:23:51 +0200 answered a question running mysql 5.7, libreoffice 5 on windows 10 , mysql-connector-ooo-1.0.1-windows-intel will not install. What am I doing wrong please

I had exactly the same issue. I uninstalled the 64bit version completely (trough the config panel) & downloaded & installed the 32bit version. Now everything works. (After adding the extension you need to close & restart lo)