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2016-05-31 05:33:24 +0200 asked a question Named ranges problem in Calc


There appears to be a minor bug with named ranges in a new formula.

I have named a cell which I have named "talking". If I click on another cell and enter "=talking" and hit enter, it does nothing, like it is refusing to accept the contents of the cell. This also occurs for other cells, with different names.

However I can make it accept by any of the following methods:

  • hitting enter twice
  • clicking on the button which has an arrow going down and then left, near the cell contents field
  • entering "=talking+0" and then removing the "+0"
  • copying and pasting from another field which has the same formula in it.

Is this a bug or just unusual expected behaviour?

(BTW I am using version on Linux Mint).