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Importing docx file with a long table w/LO I have a docx file that has a table in it that spans 5 pages. There's nothin

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2016-08-06 00:26:57 +0200 asked a question LO 5.1: Access the main Writer menu from a Mac keyboard?

I am new to LO and am enjoying the products. I was wondering if I can access the main menu through the keyboard. Pre-ribbon era software usually allowed access through the Alt key + an underlined character on the menu function. The relevant menu would drop down with subcommands having their own underlined characters. I could get things done much faster than pointing and clicking every time.

I am running OS X El Capitan.

Steps I have taken:

1) Tried Command, alt, control, and fn + first character with no obvious results

2) I did many searches and it sounds like this should be possible on LO 5 but I don't see any underlined menu characters on my Mac. Those answers may have been for Windows machines but I am hoping there is an equivalent across platforms

3) There is a related question from mid-June of this year elsewhere on the forum but there is no answer

Thank you.

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