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2016-08-18 17:23:43 +0200 asked a question Collaboration / workflow from LO to MSOffice, back to LO

Hi everyone, I work mostly with .odp or .odt files, and have to collaborate with people using MSOffice. I have a strong problem and I wonder how LO users resolve it - if so. Two cases : 1. A text doc (odt) which has to be revised by colleagues, and I have to approve revisions and comments. Most of them use MSOffice. Comments and edition are saved, great... when I revise the doc, and approve all comments (they "disappear"), and approve all revisions (so that the text would be "clean", ready to be printed and to be diffused for instance), and save as a .doc file : DRAMA !! In the .doc file my colleagues open, all revisions and comments appear as if they were not approved. So, how to make an efficient workflow in such a case ? 2. A presentation : the compatibility between odp files and pptx is really a problem. How do you make for an efficient collaboration with such documents ?

Please, note, my questions are NOT : - "which program is the best" ? I would like to keep with LO, furthermore I am a Linux user, so... for different reasons, I am not looking for a cloud solution (and MS Office online is not a solution for my issues: comments and edition are partly supported, but not fully). - "how to make my presentation / documents visible by others in any circonstances "? I know how to export as a PDF file, it works fine, I don't need something else for that.

The question is about collaboration between people using either LO (me) or MSOffice (rest of the world ;-) ), and how to have an efficient workflow about that as there is not a fully compatibility between both of them. Tips and tricks would be welcome ! This is such a problem for me, as an academic, that if I do not encounter any solution, I plan to migrate to another OS (Mac) to be able to use MSOffice, whereas I would prefer going on my old and fair Linux...

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2016-08-13 05:55:25 +0200 answered a question How to add a source line for tables, images... in Writer ?

OK, I've found something : - insert a legend, category "Table" or "Illustration" - insert another legend, category "none". All details I want to add but withoud being in my Lists of Tables or Illustrations.

If there is another way to do the same, let me know it ! Thanks,

2016-08-13 03:51:28 +0200 asked a question How to add a source line for tables, images... in Writer ?


In a writer document, I have tables and images. I add legends, which are part of a List of Tables and List of Figures. It works very well. I want to add details to each of my tables and images (i.e. : "Sources", which indicate where my data come from), but details which will not appear in the List of Tables and List of Figures. I've not found the way to do so. How do you make that ?

So I want :

%Image or Table %with a Legend which is included in a List of Figures or Liste of Tables. Works great... %with another text frame, attached to the Image or Table, with details such as sources, but whose text does not appear in the Lists of...

Thanks for your help.

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