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2016-08-27 05:15:10 +0200 answered a question How to make multiple pages of labels

I got the labels working in my case.

I installed the "Fresh" version which in my case was 5.2.04.

This solved the label issue for me. You did not say what OS you were using. I don't know if it matters, but it worked on mine. It is worth trying out. If this did not work for me I was going to downgrade to the 5.0 series as I know it worked on my system.

OS Linux Mint 17.3 64bit

2016-08-19 06:49:53 +0200 answered a question how do I print labels or envelopes

To make a label has some steps depending on what kind.

  1. all labels the same: click "File" point to New then Labels will be there in the column

  2. address labels where they are all different such as a mailing list: make a database first, in Base or Calc and have your fields labeled. When making the label, keep a mental note on which line you are on, if the field name(it shows the path) is long it may show more than one row where it is actually one. The window is mostly reference and not a truly accurate representation of the way it will print.

It is self explanatory with a little looking around when you see how the fields are done when you get to the label maker. Make a test run of your label on plain paper and hold it up to the light with your labels to see if they line up. (experience)

ONE POINT: In my experience of printing labels you must have a blank line in the top and one space before every line on the label. For some reason the first will print fine then they others are off if you don't.