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2016-09-28 13:47:12 +0200 answered a question Calculate total duration of an impress presentation

In the content.xml that is inside the .odp (you can use unzip to extract it) there is a tag telling the duration of slides for each style. In the following example it is 876 (with PT before and S after):

<style:style style:name="dp3" style:family="drawing-page"><style:drawing-page-properties presentation:transition-type="automatic" presentation:duration="PT876S" presentation:background-visible="true" presentation:background-objects-visible="true" presentation:display-footer="false" presentation:display-page-number="true" presentation:display-date-time="false" smil:type="zoom" smil:subtype="rotateIn"/></style:style>

If your presentation have only one slide style, you can probably make a simple script to get that number and multiply by the number of slides (i think it is the number of times the string <draw:frame appears). If more than one slide styles, the parsing would be harder, as you will need to know how many slides use each style.