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I have the same problem as Gameranand. They are described in "Please check the new "regular expressions" in WRITER version 5.1". They are yet not solved. They were caused by a switch to new "regular expressions" in version 5.1. Who can help to reestablish the old terms, which were much more useful ?

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Thank you, Floris V, for your rapid reply. I have the latest Libreoffice version in the current Ubuntu longterm version. So if your version 5.2 will work in future in Ubuntu I will be happy and I am waiting. Could you please be so kind and look if the Alternative Search&Replace Icon is able to find the following useful regular expressions: (1) \p (line break) and (2) \m (manual page break). They were very useful. They were components of the Regular Expression Table of this extension in WRITER until version 5.0, but then disappeared in Find&Replace. (3) \r (carriage return) also worked and was useful, but was not in the table. Thank you in advance. I don't know if this is a bug or a change in the procedures.

2016-11-05 18:08:47 +0200 asked a question Please check the new "regular expressions" in WRITER version 5.1

In WRITER with version (for ubuntu) the "regular expressions" were changed. Unfortunately to the worst. They had been more useful in the former version 5.0. Especially \l and \p do not work in "Edit" - "Find&Replace", which was very useful for me in the past. Here is the current situation (only to show that improvement is urgently neded): \a, \b, \e, \f, \k, \p, \r, \u, \x, \z do not find anything. \d finds numbers. \h and \s find blank space. \n finds manual line break (as it did before). \t finds tabulators. \w find the next letter or number. \c, \g, \i, \j, \l, \m, \o, \q, \y find the repective next letter without the . In addition, the Extension "Alternative Searching" (icon: green binoculars) is still present in version 5.1 as an icon, but does not respond. That means, it cannot be activated.