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2016-12-01 19:44:43 +0100 commented answer No sounds in Impress v5.2

the test play button during custom animation sound selection, activates the sound correctly. the problem only shows during a slideshow (on fedora 24 libre office 5.2) sound file saved in same folder as the odp file and manually linked to the same file, or linked to the .conf/gallery folder path or a standard sound being selected. the same file works fine on windows libre office 5.2

the same issue 5 yrs ago

2016-11-30 02:02:41 +0100 commented question Play six text effects one slide not in sequence

The request was for one slide - one trigger - with 6 randomised animations instead of following the linear order of animations on the same slide. As it is now, to have 6 animations set to one trigger, user has to set a trigger plus six animations. Those six animations will always follow in a linear order as ordered on the animations side pane by the user. The request was for a random process instead of set linear order of appearance.