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Can't find a paperclip tool. But to answer the comment of usefulness of weekly sheets. that's how the start/end time for the spreadsheet is entered. It's how to check if a mistake has been made, when a mistake has been made an edit can be effected. Work entails working from week to week, so I work the spreadsheet on a weekly basis. Each of the sheets are named for the last Sunday in every week, how my pay is formatted(ie. week ending 25/12. Can't add any more answers, nor edit my previous ones.

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Thanks Lupp.

Each weekly sheet is set(and forget), no changes would be made. Entries that affect the result at N14 are only 7(ie daily).

I'm a sub contractor, and simply keep track of my pays, which helps me settle issues when I don't get paid correctly(common).

Some mates like using my spreadsheet, so I gave them copies too. Basically, other than adding daily hours into the set columns, which then works out pays, no other alterations are made to those weekly sheets.

Never thought to reference each of the individual N14 cells into various cells in the tax lookup table. Will give that a go.


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Hi all knowledgeable people. I have a workbook. It has 52 regular worksheets.(SheetX) I also have one whorksheet in the book that is a tax table(SheetT). I've found a VLOOKUP function to calculate a tax value in that sheet. I'm (unsuccessfully) trying to link a value from SheetT back to SheetX. I can manually enter the value to work the tax figure out, but this is open to error by user input. I want to try to automate it.

So, SheetX will have a value at cell N14. I need to link value that to SheetT.A5 .

At SheetT.B5 will be a tax value that I now want to link back to SheetX.N15 .

I can easily link this up for just the one sheet, but I have no idea how to do so for the other 51 worksheets, all at the same time.

ps. I'm also unsuccessful at simply linking the formula at SheetT.B5 directly into SheetX.N15 for some reason.