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Thanks for the reply. It's still shows the same thing - the field name inside < >.

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2017-01-18 07:58:43 +0200 asked a question Labels from spreadsheet

I followed these directions: "The spreadsheet document needs to be registered as a database. Therefore you have to generate a .odb database administration file. Goto File > New > Database. Check "Connect to an existing database" and select "Spreadsheet" from the drop-down list. Next, select your spreadsheet file. Next, check "Yes, register". Finish. Save the .odb file.

Make sure, your spreadsheet has columns labels. They will become the database field names.

The wizard from File > New > Labels now shows your registered "spreadsheet-database". Select it, then select the to be used "table", which actually is a sheet. On the left side you generate the label text. You can write own texts and you can select a database field and insert it into the text with the ← button."

What gets printed is the field name inside <>, NOT the actual data in the field, i.e.

<fname> <lname> (instead of Frank Tomlin)
<street> (instead of 123 Main St)
<city> <st> <zip> (instead of Chicago IL 61616)

What am I doing wrong?