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2017-09-07 09:50:47 +0100 asked a question How to edit/create colour palettes?

How to edit/create colour palettes? So apparently I'm supposed to have a "Color" view in "Options", but it's not there i

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2017-02-23 20:38:24 +0100 commented question Calc table compatibility with Excel

We have an Excel sheet that contains a number of sheets and tables. In each sheet there is a table with the same rows: [[ID]:[ID]], [[Validation]:[Validation]] and so on. Basically it's for data analysis of whatever it is we need to track. Excel and Spreadsheet both work, but we can't add the table formulas in Calc.

2017-02-23 20:23:08 +0100 answered a question if whet randbetween

Ok, so I played around with the formula. The reason why the formula might return a #VALUE error is if one of your cells (B4, B8, N52 or N51) contains a non-number value. For instance - if one of those four cells contain letter (A-Z) or if one of the cells contains exclamation marks, quotation marks etc - then the formula will return an error. Make sure that B4, B8, N52 or N51 only contain numbers.

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2017-02-22 09:26:01 +0100 asked a question Calc table compatibility with Excel

What's up!

I've gone through every single button in every single menu but I cannot for the life of me find it -

How the hell to you create a table in Calc?

At work, most of our main data analysis generators rely on using tables made in Excel. I just can't figure out how to create a table in Calc for an equivalent effect. Anyone knows where the button for this is supposed to be?