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2017-01-29 17:31:58 +0100 edited question Conditional format apply colored border not working

I'm trying to apply conditional formatting to some cells (using Calc) where if the cell contains the word "Complete" it will apply a style I created based on the default called "green border" which simply draws a thicker green border around the cell. If I select a cell and apply the style to it directly it works, so I'm pretty sure I set up the style correctly, but the conditional formatting isn't applying the style. My condition is "If Cell value is|Contains|"Complete"|Apply Style|Green Border. What could be the problem? Other conditional formatting which changes the font color if the condition matches works on other cells in this sheet.

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2015-07-02 05:07:53 +0100 asked a question How do you create universal standard styles and formats that are present in every document?

I have many documents that I maintain which have been written over the past several years. Some were created in MS word and imported to LibreOffice, but most have been created in Libreoffice Writer. One of the things I must do when editing or updating them is to apply a standardized approach to formatting, i.e. a certain font and font size for heading 1, 2, 3, etc. Some docs have code snippets in bordered boxes, and I have created a custom style for that. My problem is that it seems that the styles and formatting functions are unique to each document. If I make a custom formatting style like "Code Snippet" I want to be able to access it in any document, without creating that same custom formatting style in each doc. Same goes with standardized headings. When I change Heading 1 to be 18 point Liberation Serif in bold, I want to be able to open any other doc, highlight some text, and make it Heading 1 and have it change to 18 point Liberation Serif font in bold, not something totally different. There has to be a way to do this!!! I know it's probably something I'm not doing correctly. Can anyone help?

2014-09-09 16:34:48 +0100 commented answer Removing macros

I finally got around to trying this method - works great! The spreadsheet was too big for Kate to open (more than 65000 lines!) but it was no problem with vi. There were four or five embedded libraries in there.

2014-09-09 16:10:56 +0100 answered a question When I highlight a word to delete it leaves double word space

Hi there! Maybe I'm missing something here, but It seems like the easiest way to do this is to highlight the word plus a single space, if you're doing it manually, or add a space at the end of the word you type into the find & replace text box, if you're doing it that way. I tested both of these methods, and they work fine...

I looked at the bug report; it was entered in early 2013 and still not assigned, so I wouldn't expect this to be implemented any time soon!

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2013-03-14 09:50:47 +0100 answered a question Removing macros

While playing around with this, I have been able to achieve my desired result by going into Tools|Macros|Organize Dialogs and selecting the libraries tab, then choosing the filename from the location drop down and deleting the library in there (the standard library remains and can't be deleted). After saving and re-opening the spreadsheet, the macro warning no longer appears.

2013-03-14 09:45:10 +0100 commented question Removing macros

I would have liked to try your solution of saving the spreadsheet as a .fods (plain text) file, but I can't see how to do this in the save as dialog other than as a .cvs file - this is the olny save as text option in there in my version of Calc (LibreOffice Build ID: 350m1(Build:2)).

2013-03-03 19:46:57 +0100 asked a question Removing macros

I have a couple of spreadsheets that are distant versions (via "save as..." many times over) of a spreadsheet originally created in MS Excel. When I open the LibreOffice versions, I get a macro warning. Since the spreadsheets don't use macros, I'd like to get rid of the warning. When I go in to Organize Macros, I can see some structure in there but no actual macros to delete, and the delete key is grayed out as well. How can I get rid of all this?