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2012-08-17 17:48:44 +0200 answered a question Does LO run on a 64 bit (x86_64) operating system?

Yes, but only on Linux that LibreOffice is really 64-bit application, currently. On Windows, you are using 32-bit application in 64-bit environment. I'm not sure about Mac, but I think it is as same as Windows.

You can see at the download page.

2012-06-09 10:19:36 +0200 answered a question Step-by-step instructions on installing libreoffce 3.5 on Ubuntu 12
2012-05-20 09:55:48 +0200 answered a question How can I turn off bullets and numbering so they NEVER appear in any document?

In Writer, select Tools > AutoCorrect Options > go to Options tab > uncheck Apply Numbering > OK

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2012-05-09 10:35:29 +0200 answered a question offline installer for Windows XP?

The installer can be downloaded from Download Page, and it's already "offline installer", if I understand that correctly. :)

Note: For me, "offline installer" means you just download a big "real" installer once; instead of downloading a small "web installer", which in turns download "real" installer.

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2012-05-04 20:23:57 +0200 commented answer Where do I find the PDF import extension?

@rrbd, that is a known bug, please see

2012-05-02 18:32:36 +0200 commented question A Real PITA... LO 3.5.x Installer Fails Ad Infinitum: Quickstarter

In which OS? Windows? If yes, which Windows? Next, which version do you upgrade from?

OK, a typical suggestion for Windows is, look in task manager, process, and kill quickstart.exe, soffice.exe and soffice.bin, then try again. Hope it helps :)

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2012-04-30 09:10:26 +0200 answered a question reuse picked color

This feature will be available in LibreOffice 3.6, thanks to Winfried Donkers who implemented it. At least it will be in Writer and Calc.