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2012-03-08 11:47:34 +0200 commented answer Where are the LibreOffice data (profile) files?

I was deleted the Libre Office, deleted all Libre Office data in Library. I reinstall LibreOffice and the persistent nag continue... Really persistent!!!

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2012-03-04 22:21:54 +0200 asked a question Where are the LibreOffice data (profile) files?

How can I remove completely the LibreOffice data for my Mac?

I have the same problem about one "Persistent RESTORE NAG WINDOW".

Thanks (Sorry for a mistakes)

(Macbook pro - OS X 10.7.2)

2012-03-04 16:59:16 +0200 answered a question How can I get rid of a persistent Restore nag window?


I have the same problem, although reinstall LibreOffice continues with a persistent nag...


(Macbookpro - OS X 10.7.2)