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Sorry, bit of a noob here. Can't see NEEDINFO anywhere, or rrdb response to my comment. Are you referring to this:

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Just want to report that I'm having exactly the same problem:


Windows XP Pro

Can't paste from external apps into Writer using Ctrl-V or menu/edit/paste.

Can paste from Writer to external apps.

Can drag text into Writer.

Problem persists after closing Writer down and restarting it.

However, I am running QuickStarter. If I close QuickStarter then run up Writer, I can copy into Writer from an external app until I copy something to the clipboard in Writer. From that point it will only paste what I copied in writer. Except that at some point later (and I can't figure out the cause) it will occasionally work.

It's as if Writer respects the clipboard until something is put into it from Writer. At that point it's anyone's guess as to whether or when it will work again.

I do have Clipboard Fusion installed, but these problems occur regardless of whether it is running or not.