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2014-05-02 20:31:48 +0200 answered a question can I use a cell reference in the sum command?

Well, I went on the web elsewhere and figured it out.

The command is sum(C1:indirect(f2)). In f2 put C50. everything works.

2014-05-02 20:15:27 +0200 asked a question can I use a cell reference in the sum command?

I have a spread sheet where I enter the dates and amount of quotations sent out. A set of columns to the right of those is used to sum up the quotes for different periods of time. There is a 30 day column, a 60 day column.....

Whenever I add a new quote (date, amount), I have to manually extend the range of every sum function. If I have entries down to row 50, I have to go back to each Sum(c1:c45) and change c45 to c50.

I would like to be able to put "50", or "c50" (or anything) in a cell that would be referenced in each sum command to extend the column to the inserted reference. Say I put "c50" in Cell f2. I would like to have every sum look something like sum(c1:"f2"), where it would read c50 and extend the sum.

Is something like this possible?

2013-05-23 21:14:39 +0200 answered a question LibreOffice stability issues on OS X

I am experiencing multiple crashes in LO calc on a Mac. Non reproducable. Crashes occurring about every 15 minutes. I am building a SS, so it is not very complicated at the moment. Most crashes seem to occur if I cut/paste/drag a formula from one place to another.

I have Mt Lion OS.

2013-05-23 15:40:45 +0200 commented answer Hyperlinks in calc to another calc doc not working

OK, now things are getting weird. In 3.6, everything worked. In 4.0 on the same file, click in window didn't work. I took your advice oweng and CMD-clicked on the hyperlink. It worked! No quotes around the URL. Then I clicked to URL again (no CMD) and it worked again (two different URLs).

2013-05-23 15:40:39 +0200 commented answer Hyperlinks in calc to another calc doc not working

OK, here's what I have found:

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2013-05-21 15:49:11 +0200 answered a question Manual calculation of circular references in Calc?

I am having the same problem. I have written a thermal storage program for heating a home with Off Peak electricity. It is recursive for tank temperature, with inputs and outputs going on at the same time. The operator must put in different values of volume and power to make sure there is enough energy to carry the home through the On-Peak heating time.

LibO works part of the time, then pops up with 200 Err:523 messages. Sometimes it will come back by changing a parameter, and sometimes is stays stuck. Haven't found F9 to work.

Excel works all the time. Occasionally, it will get stuck, but it a manual calc command will get it going again.

I am preparing this program to go out to dealers for sizing calculations in the field. They are not EEs in computer science. I really don't care whether this is a bug, mathematically irrational, or anything else. It works reliably in Excel and not in LibO. I would be happy if recalc worked from the menu pull down.

I like LibO for all the obvious reasons, but may have to abandon it because of "killer" points like this, [and the fact that Hyperlink quit working, which is another problem for my dealers]. Too many bugs/problems for my work flow. ........

OK, after the rant, I went to the preferences/LO calc/Calculate and changed the Iterations Steps to 1000 (Min Change is .001). If the iteration reaches its end point with no legal value, the Err message comes out. Expanding the range (Steps x Change) of the iterations seems to help. Maybe the LO programmers could detect illegal values and automatically reiterate until the numbers become legal. ........

One more. Sorry for the length. When I make a big change in a key number the interation crashes. Say the number is normally 1000 (gallons). If I type in 0, then I get #DIV/0! all over the place, which is normal. I them go back and put 1000 in the cell and hit return. Nothing happens. I go to Tools/Cell Contents/Recalculate and nothing happens - no matter how many time I go there (F9 doesn't work, nor ctrl-shft-F9).

However, If I type 1000 in the cell again, it recalculates, giving me Err:523 the second time and the correct numbers the third time. So, it takes 3 recalcs to ... (more)

2013-05-19 21:09:38 +0200 commented answer Hyperlinks in calc to another calc doc not working

Addendum: It works fine in 3.6.6

2013-05-19 21:05:00 +0200 answered a question Hyperlinks in calc to another calc doc not working

I am trying to use hyperlink to access the web at

This has worked for a long time with no problem, until 4.0. Now it ignores the click in the window.

When I rewrite the cell using =HYPERLINK(," 2) Find City Lat & Long"), it says the URL is wrong and deletes one of the "/", which means it can't work.

I have a Mac OS 10.8.3

2013-05-19 20:51:27 +0200 answered a question hyperlink in scalc not working

I have exactly the same problem on my Mac with version 4.0.