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2019-04-26 15:06:40 +0200 asked a question LIBREOFFICE BASE NOT STABLE

LIBREOFFICE BASE NOT STABLE I encounter many stability issues with the database module. If he crashed to recover he retu

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2019-01-17 22:55:31 +0200 asked a question Automatic Date Input Base

AUTOMATIC DATE INPUT BASE When I add a new record, in ms access with a funtion now() he add the date of today. An Intake

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I have read it right now. It's a good starting point.

2018-12-24 09:47:11 +0200 asked a question libre office base general

libre office base general I discovered Libre Office Base. My background in ms access helped me to jump in it, the struct

2018-12-24 09:23:36 +0200 asked a question goto last records on open

goto last records on open On the event on load form, I like to jump to the last record or a new one. Is there an existin