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I was writing a long document in Writer and I wanted to delete one line so I triple clicked on it and then pressed Ctrl+S to save. To my horror I saw it take a few seconds to delete everything and then save. It turned out I had the whole thing selected, not just that one line. My last back up of it was a few thousand words ago. If the computer crashed I could just use the recovery thing but in this case the blank document actually saved over it. Is there anything in Writer or Windows 7 that can help me recover my old document?

I already checked the LibreOffice backup folder and it's empty. I guess it only works if program closes without saving first. I tried right clicking the file and looking for a previous version but there was none. I know Writer auto-saves every few minutes so is there any way to access the auto save even when I've already saved? Or is there anything else I can do?