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2013-09-21 22:53:32 +0200 answered a question how do i stop calc from changing the cell colors

Save the file as an .ods instead of .xls or .xlsx Unfortunately you will have to re-correct the colours when you do this but if you use the .ods format consistently in LibreOffice then you won't have to worry about the colours changing.

.xls and .xlsx files are proprietary formats for Excel. LibreOffice has to reverse engineer the files to make them compatible with the software, so some things are not yet perfect in transition. New versions of MS Office support .ods and other Open document formats, so it's better just to use .ods for your spreadsheets.

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2013-09-15 19:19:49 +0200 commented answer Donation Direction?

Hey Owen, It doesn't unfortunately. I donated earlier this year and after reading this wiki page thought they might have changed the process. But after you enter you credit card information you are taken to a confirm page. Once you confirm payment that is the end of the process. This isn't a bug in the program so I'm not sure where to submit this.

2013-09-15 03:36:58 +0200 asked a question Donation Direction?

In the wiki help page for Android Libreoffice page it says to donate and to 'accompany your donation with a note indicating that you'd like your funds to go towards...' - when I try to donate via credit card there is no area to note where I'd like the donation to go.

Thanks, Kevin

2013-09-05 03:12:21 +0200 answered a question Libre office under ubuntu crashes regularly on autosave

I'm having the same problem. I'd suggest changing the auto save to every 5 minutes or less so you loose less written text. You may restart more frequently, but you won't lose very much work.

2013-09-03 00:44:50 +0200 answered a question nothing happens when i click on Tools> Customize

Found Workaround on Bugzilla. Right clicking on the toolbar will allow you to click 'Customize Toolbar' and then you ca click keyboard form there. Still, a broken menu item though!

2013-09-02 22:35:29 +0200 asked a question nothing happens when i click on Tools> Customize

Ubuntu 13.04 using Libreoffice

When I click on Tools -> Customize - nothing happens. Tried in Writer, Calc, Impress.