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2013-09-24 13:27:40 +0200 asked a question Why there are no options like in MS Word to disable drag&drop and "typing replaces selected text"?

I make mistakes and many others too. Accidentally and maybe sometimes unrecognized. To show the wishes, only for example - - And similar -

Here you can read in detail about the problem, if you want. Unfortunately it's only in German language: -

I think, there are much more users with this "problems". Formerly also there was a bug report for OpenOffice enhancement, I believe, but I cannot find it any more. But: nothing changed in OpenOffice. OK, I know, there are many people outside there who are perfect ;-) They need no options like this. But MS keeps this options in MS Office since Office 2000 (or older versions, I don't know and made no research because year 2000 back is long enough). And here is another software with one of this options, - (search for option "typing" replaces selected text)

For me and many others this option is so important, that they stay at MS Office or always thinking to return.

I cannot believe that this options are so difficulty to implement in LibreOffice. Why leave this advantage to MS? And last but not least: In Firefox, for example, you have extensions for nearly every purposes ... Would be nice :-)

Thank you in advance