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2020-01-01 03:53:12 +0200 marked best answer Calc fails to correctly format a date?

Hi everyone, I use Libre Calc with Linux.

I'm trying to get a formatted delta time between two dates but I get result wrong. In cell A1 I put 31/12/19 13:20 (unformatted is 43830.5556815843) In cell A2 I put 02/01/20 14:00 (unformatted is 43832.5833333333)

the unformatted result is correct; cell A3 returns A2-A1 = 2.02765174899832 if I apply format DD HH:MM:SS result is 1 00:39:49 where obviously the time part is correct but the day part is wrong

Worse scenario is when I try to subtract 31/12/19 13:20 from 01/01/20 10:20. In this case the formatted result is 30 21:00:00 and not 0 21:00:00 as expected

There is a workaround by splitting the result into integer and fraction, keep integer as day and convert fraction to time and finally concatenate them, but is way so unproductive

Any guidelines what am I doing wrong or if this is a known bug?

Happy New Year to All Joe

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