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2012-06-07 04:05:23 +0200 answered a question Strange dots appear instead of spaces and paragraph symbols appear

You have Nonprinting Characters turned on. (It's the icon that looks a bit like a backwards letter P.) As the name indicates, they will not appear on your printed copy -- but it is helpful to see them when one is trying to figure out why some text is positioned in a certain spot. I consider Nonprinting Characters to be my friends! (To turn them off, just click the icon -- or use View > Nonprinting Characters.)

Hope this helps!

2012-06-07 03:10:10 +0200 answered a question Detect text color

Place your cursor within the colored text > right-click > choose Character > Font Effects tab > Font Color will be displayed.

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2012-04-24 04:08:11 +0200 answered a question Mail-merge labels

Let's try again to solve your problem. I assume you have successfully created the page of formatted labels (all the same format but no names from your database). Then the next step is to merge this formatted page of labels with your database by doing the following:
1) View > Data Sources > locate the database to be used > select the records to be used (or use a filter).
2) File > Print > "Do you want to print a form letter?" Yes > Output -- File > OK > name the file and select your desired location for storing it > Save.
3) Now you need to open the newly created file (an ODT file) -- and then make any changes you desire to the individual labels.

Maybe this will be a more complete answer?!?

2012-04-20 03:22:44 +0200 answered a question Mail-merge labels

The secret is to check "Synchronize contents" in the Format tab of the Labels dialog box. (File > New > Labels > Format tab > Synchronize Contents.) Then changes need to be made to the top left label -- and then click the floating Synchronize Contents Toolbar. This causes all the other labels to be changed.

Additional helps on labels are available at --

Hope this helps!