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2014-01-16 13:56:57 +0200 commented answer Keyboard shortcuts using punctuation keys

Could you also let me know what kind of document you are working with when you can find the option for these shortcut keys (spreadsheet, text doc, ...)? I can imagine the set of available keys varies by document type, though I don't find the keys you list above no matter what.

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@ROSt52, my comment about the version was a response to @oweng. I can indeed find the Tools>Customize>Keyboard but I have to have a document open. On a Mac the program can get into a state where the pulldown menu is still there but nothing's open, and in that context I don't find the option either. Presumably the program wants to know whether I'm setting up keys for a text document, a spreadsheet, etc.

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What version of LibreOffice are you using? I'm on Version for Mac and neither the semicolon nor the brackets are on my list, even if I set my locale to Australia and restart LibreOffice. Thanks.

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2014-01-14 04:16:37 +0200 asked a question Keyboard shortcuts using punctuation keys

Is there a workaround by which I can create shortcut keys using punctuation? The issue is that I sometimes have to use Excel and I wish I could make certain shortcut keys consistent between the two. Someone asked something similar ~4 years ago in the Open Office forum but I figured enough had changed that it was worth checking again.

The closest I've found in this page full of extensions and other useful info which includes a tool that lets you use the Alt key in shortcuts, but no help on punctuation.