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2013-05-27 23:07:57 +0200 commented question Calc hangs on opening ODS file - seems related to printer availability?

This is not an answer, but it can be a faulty firewall or antivirus settings. You can check in the Windows Task Manager if the LibreOffice (process name soffice) is running and try to restart it.

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What is your OS and GUI environemnt?

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2013-05-26 18:19:15 +0200 answered a question MySQL Native Connector for LibreOffice 4.x 1.0 impossible to install win8

Rename the downloaded file so it has ".oxt" extension (extension-file-for-windows.oxt). The file should now be recognized as LibreOffice extension package that you can double click to install.

If that does not work, try to open Extension Manager from LibreOffice (Tools > Extension Manager), click the Add button and in the file selection dialog change the filter to show all files. Now select the downloaded file.

2013-05-26 16:33:55 +0200 answered a question calc window size...

You can configure Compiz in Unity to set the window size based on window title that includes the document name.

See How to set a specific window size for all windows that open to default question on Ask Ubuntu site.

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What operating system do you use? If you are using a system with multiple GUI environments like GNU/Linux, what environment do you use?

2013-05-26 15:38:08 +0200 answered a question [Calc] - Alternative to "Format As Table" feature in Excel 2007/2010/2013

At the moment you need to do this step by step: create named ranges, add autofilter and use autoformat for style.

There is a Google Summer of Code idea proposal for implementing ranges/formula features. While right now there is no ongoing development, one could use the pointers from the proposal to develop or fund the development of such feature.

2013-05-26 12:51:10 +0200 answered a question Does LO Support Java x64?

You need to match Java and LibreOffice. If you are using LibreOffice on Microsoft Windows LibreOffice is built for 32bit so you need to install x86 Java Runtime (32bit). You can install multiple versions of Java and pick the 32bit from the LibreOffice settings. On other platforms, if you are using 64bit release of LibreOffice, you should select the x64 Java Runtime (64bit).

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2013-05-25 15:12:24 +0200 asked a question Embed XSLT filter in the ODS file

Is there an option to embed the XSLT filter in the ODS file and run the export from the Calc LibreOffice Basic macro?

I am looking for a solution to port some Workbook.SaveAsXMLData() macro code from Excel where XmlMap is embeded in the spreadsheet document. If there is an option to embed the XSLT into the macro/document and then run the export filter that would mostly be what I need.

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2012-05-04 16:13:06 +0200 answered a question PDF made from a digitally signed document does not show up the Digital Signature in the PDF Reader

Digital signature is bound to the data file to forbid any tampering with the document. When exporting you get a new data file, and digital signatures can not be transfered.