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2016-04-17 01:33:24 +0200 ha commentato una risposta macro to obtain row column like ctrl-end does

Hello @pierre-yves samyn

I've seen a slightly different answer at here

Can you teach the other way ? Thank you

2016-04-17 01:18:37 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda how can I run VBA scripts in Libre office?

Welcome to my situation just a month ago (sorry i'm smiling :)

Nothing will be done about your second comment , that's life on LibreOffice .

About the REAL problem , have a look at these answers ,

and like me , start learning a new language .

1 , 2

2016-04-17 00:31:03 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Writer crashes when viewing fonts

I'm using win7 , 32bit , LO Version: , and i can not reproduce the problem .

2016-04-15 01:51:16 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Calc increase/decrease font button

Hello @Ratslinger

I use LO Version: , and i don't have the 'Decrease Font Size' and the 'Increase Font Size' buttons .

Can you help me find them .

Thank you .

2016-04-15 01:31:51 +0200 ha commentato una domanda How to remove multiple empty rows between grouped sets of data (arrays ranges) but leave only one row line empty between each one

I'll continue here .

The logic behind the macro will be something like :

If this cell is empty and also the cell above is empty , then , delete this row .

And in case you want 2 empty rows ,

check that this cell is empty and the 2 cells above are empty ,

and only then you delete the row .

BUT , again , you are better off splitting the sets of data to different sheets .

2016-04-15 01:22:55 +0200 ha commentato una domanda How to remove multiple empty rows between grouped sets of data (arrays ranges) but leave only one row line empty between each one

Why not keeping each set of data in a separate Sheet ?

There are no problems to make calculations with data from different sheets .

I totally agree with @Lupp that holding a few sets of data in the same sheet when only some empty lines separate them is a bad idea .

Basically , the solution to your question is to write a macro that runs along a column and based on the data in this column , deletes (or not) the rows .

no more space .

2016-04-15 00:16:56 +0200 ha commentato una risposta LibreOffice Calc - Generating hyperlinks in cells

I'll continue here .

4) There is no agreed syntax . For example , you can "glue" the arguments with Comas (,) ,

but , you can use Ampersands (&) to do that .

And you can use both , even in the same line itself !

5) If you type some not-necessary spaces into the equation , they stay there !

and LibreOffice does not correct it .

There are some more faults , but , to find them ,

i will have to go again through the trial & error i had to go a few hours ago .

2016-04-14 23:54:56 +0200 ha commentato una risposta LibreOffice Calc - Generating hyperlinks in cells

Hello @Lupp .

I fiddled with the answer a few hours ago , and just now published , so , i'm not sure i can remember every fault :(

1) There is the general fault that you can not right-click the Equation-line to copy or to paste text .

2) You can not insert simple addition like : D3+1 , instead , you need to write : SUM(D3,1) .

3) If you type simple text , you must add the quotation marks yourself , instead of them being added automatically .

No more space .

2016-04-14 23:12:21 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda I cannot enter text under photo pasted from internet.

I'm not sure i fully understood your situation , but , let's try something .

1) Open new document , press "Enter" 20 times , and then click with your mouse on the first row .

2) Now , copy and paste a picture , and after that click with the mouse about 3 cm below the pic .

Can you type there ?

Did it solve your problem ? If not , please ask again and give more details .

2016-04-14 22:58:42 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda LibreOffice Calc - Generating hyperlinks in cells

First of all , the functions in LibreOffice that should have helped you don't work properly .

If any developer read this question , well , just try to solve it with "HYPERLINK" or with "CONCATENATE" and you will come upon many faults in these functions .

To solve your problem , my solution is simpler than @Lupp solution .

let's assume you write 39.768417 in cell B2 , and you write -86.158029 in cell C2 ,

now you type in cell D2 this equation (type it as plain text) :

=HYPERLINK("https://www.google.com/maps/place/"&B2&","&C2,"watch on google maps")

That's it .

Of course you can copy-paste (or drag-paste) cell D2 to the lower rows .

2016-04-14 01:57:42 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Conversion of text date to numeric - conversion errors, problems and bugs

I think you can use a different way .

1) Open the data in Calc , then break the current "date-text" into 2 columns by using the slash symbol as the breaking point .

2 ) Now you can sort the year as main sort , and the month as secondary sort .

If there are still problems :

3) you can convert these new 2 columns fron text to numbers , and then step 2 .

In case of more problems :

4) Join the 2 columns to create a date (don't forget to add 1 as the day) .

Now you have a full and legitimate date that any software will recognize .

Hope this will solve your problem . And if you need more help , just ask .

2016-04-08 22:48:49 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Partial auto replace within cell in calc

Go to Edit--> Find & Replace .

Fill in the "Search For" and the "Replace With" text boxes , and press "Replace All" .

There might be problems if your text strings contain more than one word , or if they contain special symbols .

Try this , and let's hope for the best :)

Check these images of the before :

image description

And after the replacement :

image description

2016-04-08 21:14:25 +0200 ha commentato una risposta [Calc] Combined charts with independent Y axis

using 2 different Y axis sometimes helps ,

but the scientific way is to use "Half Log" or "Semi Log" chart .

The Logarithm scale allows you to put 10 and 1,000,000 together ,

and still be able to see changes in both numbers .

2016-04-08 20:38:46 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda select line with a single click

You can triple-click anywhere in the line , and that will select the whole line .

It is not what you asked for ,but it's an improvement to having to move the mouse .

2016-04-01 02:44:57 +0200 ha commentato una domanda I cannot type "01:10:", "01:11:" or "01:12:"

I'm using win7 , LibreOffice Version: , and i can not reproduce this problem .

So , i thought it is some simple mistake by the user Adlard .

But , if you can make the mistake happen in your p.c as well , then it is probably a problem in the software .

I included the info about my p.c , hope it will help somehow .

2016-04-01 01:04:05 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda I cannot type "01:10:", "01:11:" or "01:12:"

Calc thinks you write the time .

so , when you write 01:12: , it adds the seconds and writes 01:12:00 .

But maybe your column is too narrow , and you only see "01" .

Try to widen the column to see all the text .

If you want to write the text : 01:12:

(and you don't want Calc to treat it like time) ,

add a ' before your text , like this ---> '01:12: .

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2016-03-20 01:06:01 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda How do I truly delete rows and columns, like in Google Sheets?

When you right-click the row header you get a menu that gives you some options :

** Delete Selected Rows

** Delete Row Contents

Each command does as it says .

Same thing with the columns .

Addition to my answer

After reading your comments :

1) Check this image . Is that what you are looking for ? image description

2) To do this , you have to select the rows and hide them ,

and then select the columns and hide them .

3) Selecting rows 9 till end of file is done like karolus wrote :

selecting header of row 9 , then pressing shift+ctrl+end+arrow down .

4) In selecting columns , you press shift+ctrl+end+arrow left .

5) All the information in the hidden cells still exists there ,

and you don't get smaller size files just because you don't exhibit some cells .

6) What possessed you to think that someone didn't bother to read your question before answering it ?

My English is as bad as your English !

2016-03-18 20:47:29 +0200 ha modificato una domanda I tried to install Libreoffice but the wizards in Russian. WTF ?


2016-03-18 19:57:46 +0200 ha risposto a una domanda Calc: Sum cells to the right of green cells

There are a few ways to solve this .

Let's start with making sense with your data .

First put your data in 3 columns .

The first column will be NAME (e.g. books,food.parking) .

The second column will be AMOUNT (e.g. 10,19.9,102) .

And the last column will be CRITERIA (e.g. cash,CreditCard,SexualFavours) .

Now , you use the function SUMIF that sums up all the numbers in the AMOUNT , if they match your CRITERIA .

Of course you can sumif in a few cells , where each cell sums according to a different criteria .

If you really need to spread your data in many columns , or , if you must depend on cell colours ...

Well , there are other ways to solve this .

2016-03-18 18:27:02 +0200 ha commentato una domanda I tried to install Libreoffice but the wizards in Russian. WTF ?

I'll continue in this comment .

How can we make LibreOffice publish an installer that works in English only ?

I don't care if they will leave the current trap-file , just to give a link , next to it , to the correct file .

My fixture is really not for novice users , and some users will need help to avoid this nasty hindrance .

Thank you

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2016-03-18 18:17:07 +0200 ha commentato una domanda I tried to install Libreoffice but the wizards in Russian. WTF ?

The solution i found was to install ORCA . It is a freeware that manipulates installers .

With ORCA i deleted all the optional languages and left only one , so , the installer had to use this language .

Since there are no names of the languages , only language-code , I had to find in another place what is the code for my language .

If you wonder , 2057 is the code for English-Great-Britain .

This manipulation only affect the install process , everything in LibreOffice stays the same .

2016-03-18 16:51:00 +0200 ha commentato una domanda I tried to install Libreoffice but the wizards in Russian. WTF ?

Thank you JohnSUN To sum up , someone in LibreOffice , on purpose , forces everybody to use the faulty software of Micro$oft . Even though people come to this site because they want to stop using that crap !

Is there a way to report this bug (probably reported in the past) ? Is there a way to find what more Micro$oft-shit we are forced to use just by trying to use LibreOffice ?

And, since i know how to fix this bug (not for novice users) , can you tell me where to post the fixture ? Thanx

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2016-03-17 22:53:28 +0200 ha commentato una domanda I tried to install Libreoffice but the wizards in Russian. WTF ?

Hello JohnSUN .

I think we might have a misunderstanding .

You wrote : " I had not seen the installation wizard many month ago. I use the administrative installation. It shows only the window of the first step"

But , when i used the code-line you wrote , i did see the installation wizard (in the wrong language) .

Are you sure about what you wrote ? and can you understand why the installation in my p.c. behaves differently ?

By the way , maybe i found a fix to this bug .