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Ideally I am trying to build a section where I click add, make a selection from a list, enter a number of items and have

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Sorry, I didn't add the customer table because I got that working rather easily. What I am having trouble is compiling t

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Directions on setting up a form with some sub forms/tables... I am looking for a good video/website on setting up forms

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I did search this and couldn't find an answer, which I thought was odd because it seems like it would be a common task. What I want to do is use a Calendar to pick dates in a form. I added the Calendar control from the "more controls" window but it doesn't seem to do that. Can some one direct me as to how to accomplish this?

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I have both ODBC and JDBC connectors installed and have been testing both but they both seem to function nearly the same. You are right the SQLite is very limited and I might have to try another provider. Thanks for your time on this, learned a few things from it at the least.

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I got that error as well when I tried to add a record to the jtbl_a (which is now jtbl_cwo because I had to create a new table to add the FKey constraints apparently ALTER will not work for this). Then I moved to my entry form to see if that worked, the form throws an error "The contents of combo box of list field could not be determined. RIGH and FULL OUTER JOINs are not currently supported (1)" I put this to the database administrators exchange but this is not looking good.

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I appreciate your help on this but I was only giving up on it for the weekend lol.

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The option is in QGIS not LibreOffice using it allows you to import non spatial tables which is something I am doing as well in Q. I am using SQlite because it works well with QGIS, holds XYZM spatial values, is comparable to PostGIS, and is a mobile "file" like database package. The LibreOffice bit is suppose ton provide a interface to the database to update records and asset information but Libre isn't playing along nice with SQLite, but neither is Open Office...

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After trying OpenBase and a number of other drivers and settings I am starting to think the drivers or the application cannot support the relationships within an SQLite database.

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I enabled the FKey and it didn't work, also created a new DB and connection when I enabled the FKey Constraints but no change in behavior. Used this link http://ch-werner.de/sqliteodbc/html/i... to understand the connection parameters of OBDC connection.

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I built a new database in SQLite Spatialite database using QGIS. I loaded the tables in from my other database (wotbl, wo_civic_jtble, civic_tbl). the wo_tbl has work orders, the civic_tbl civic addresses, and the wo_civic_jtbl has a composite PK using the PK of the wo_tbl and the civic_tbl (this is probably sounding familiar to my other questions). When I try to build the table relations I get the error; "This database does not support relationships" which isn't true SQLite supports relationships so I am wondering if this is an issue with the ODBC Driver and LibreBase cannot support relationships for SQLite databases yet or if I set it up wrong. ODBC SQLite3.0 LibreBase OS Win7 If anyone has any experience with SQLite and LibreBase and can provide some assistance that would be greatly appreciated. Further to that if you need any additional information let me know. Thanks Tyler

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2016-07-28 18:54:20 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Associative Table error in LibreBase and PostgreSQL

Ok the problem is "Me"; After reading those links and looking at what was going on I realized that the statement I wrote to create the associative relationships was flawed.... severely... and in fixing it the issue seemed to resolve itself. Thanks again though, your comment really did point me in the right direction.

2016-07-28 18:19:20 +0200 ha commentato una risposta Associative Table error in LibreBase and PostgreSQL

LibreBase seems to decide when to use INSERT or UPDATE. When I used a new wotbl entry I got the exact same error only with INSET instead of UPDATE and '0' instead of '5002084' when the unique_id was suppose to be '5002084' (The address I am testing this with uses Unique_ID 5002084). I think the reason why it was using update is because I tried to wrote the unique_id into the table manually to see if it would produce the desired relationship.

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2016-07-26 15:12:08 +0200 ha commentato una risposta How do I get the lookup to show a table field other than the pk?

ok, my next question should be here. https://ask.libreoffice.org/en/questi... I hope it is clear. Cheers

2016-07-26 15:11:07 +0200 ha posto una domanda Associative Table error in LibreBase and PostgreSQL

LO, PSQL 9.5., OS Win7 I have a PostgreSQL database and I am trying to setup a LibreBase front end. I am getting an error when I try to add an address relation to a form entry in my wotbl. The wotbl stores work order information part of the information is an address, but some work orders need to be linked to 2 addresses so I have a listbox drop down setup and an associative table relationship to produce a many to many join (Just like the movies genre example video that I did get working thanks for the help). So the associative table is jtbl_cwo (UNIQUE_ID, woid) where UNIQUE_ID is the address list pk (civictbl) and woid is the work order pk (wotbl); together they are the Composite PK for jtbl_cwo. So the setup worked in HSQL but to setup in postgre I needed to include the joins in the SQL statement for the form,

(SELECT "civictbl"."ADDRESS" FROM "wotracking"."jtbl_cwo" "jtbl_cwo" FULL OUTER JOIN "wotracking"."wotbl" "wotbl" ON "jtbl_cwo"."woid" = "wotbl"."woid" FULL OUTER JOIN "wotracking"."civictbl" "civictbl" ON "jtbl_cwo"."unique_id" = "civictbl"."unique_id)

I get a drop down but when I try to apply the selection I get a postgre error;

pq_driver: [PGRES_FATAL_ERROR: insert or update on table "jtbl_cwo" violates foreign key constraint "jtbl_cwo_unique_id_fkey" DETAIL: Key (unique_id)=(0) is not present in table "civictbl". (caused by statement 'UPDATE "wotracking".jtbl_cwo" SET "unique_id" = '0' WHERE "unique_id" = '5002084' AND "woid" = 'BB306-16")

It seems to me that it is trying to set the unique_id in the jtbl_cwo to 0 when it should be set to 5002084 but I cannot find where in either the Libre SQL statement or in PostgreSQL how to use the unique_id from the civictbl. I have auto assign and auto increment off I believe. Do I need to build a trigger in PostgreSQL? Sorry if I am not clear I do not know all the lingo very well I am not a programmer by trade; I am familiar with databases and their design but by no means am I an expert on these things. Thanks hope someone can help; Tyler

2016-07-22 20:20:33 +0200 ha commentato una risposta How do I get the lookup to show a table field other than the pk?

I have more questions related to this, should I start more forums or ask here? After I got things working in HSQL I moved over to postgreSQL, and it is starting to give me some errors.

2016-07-21 18:30:11 +0200 ha commentato una risposta List drop down selection only shows 1st list entry

Sorry I have not checked back on this, I thought I got notifications but I guess not, anyway the issue just went away when I went back to it. Maybe the list was still loading into memory or something, not too sure. I have since took it into a postgre database using libre as the front end. I will probably be adding more questions soon. Thanks for getting back to me.

2016-07-21 18:22:17 +0200 ha commentato una risposta How do I get the lookup to show a table field other than the pk?

Sorry I have not gotten back to this. The last question I asked I got email notifications when answers came in, atleast I think I did, anyway didn't get any notifications so I did not check until now. I solved the issue with a select statement but apparently because I am linked to a Postgre database things don't work quite the same way as in a HSQL database. So I had to define the relationship in the SQL Select statement and it does work now. However I also have other issues.

2016-07-19 19:19:39 +0200 ha posto una domanda How do I get the lookup to show a table field other than the pk?

I have a table called wotbl with a field called plbmid and another table called comtbl. The comtbl has a list of Plumbers, and other construction companies, and I want a drop down picker to reflect the Company Name in the wotbl plbmid field, What I get is the Primary Key in that field. How do I assign the label to show me the Company Name in the drop down?

2016-07-14 15:45:44 +0200 ha posto una domanda List drop down selection only shows 1st list entry

Trying to make a WO tracker and I have a many to many relationship shown in a subform table as shown in the directions at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GYawY.... When I add entries from the drop down list the table only displays the first drop down entry; in my case "Non-Addressed Location" when I close and reopen the form the table shows the entry I actually selected "4 Bob Street" I need my table to display what I selected as I selected it like in the video. Now, the video he is only using 2 or 3 drop down options where I have 12000+- Addresses so that could be the issue as well. using Windows, embeded database (HSQLDB), Libre Thanks

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