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2013-08-17 09:34:45 +0200 ha posto una domanda Generate a file from calc



I want to generate a binary file from a Calc sheet, based on the data entered by the user in the Calc sheet cells.


On of my software takes a binary file as an input and reads 64 bytes from it (64 BYTES x 8 bits per byte = 512 BIT data) I have created a Calc file where each cell represents a BIT, and the user can select whether the BIT is SET or RESET.

I want that once the user chooses all the bit states, then from Calc I generate the binary file that can be input to my software.

Can some one give me any leads. I have basic knowledge about calc. If I get some help I can find my way out.


2013-08-17 09:24:34 +0200 ha posto una domanda How do I set the default value cell


In my sheet I have cells in which the user can pick a value from a list. I want to make one of the list values as the default value.

How can I do this?

Regards - DK