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Great answer. (I'd like to condense maybe more than by 2.5pt kern, but it is good enough). Scaling the width is no good, it makes the slashes thinner. I'm using CMU Sans Serif, not a fixed-width font, no worry. Also, changing character properties makes it black (even though it is a part of blue hyperlink), but that can be worked around by setting the color by hand to blue again.

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I have a big URL in one document and slashes in http:// are visually too much apart. Is there a way to insert negative thin space between them, like \! in LaTeX, for instance, so that they come closer together?

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I am using automatic hyphenation for breaking text into paragraph. The text contains some hyperlinks which I would like to keep unbroken for readability (it is not clear if the hyphen is dash in the hyperlink or just a hyphen). Is there an option to disable breaking certain words? Or can I disable hyperlink hyphenation globally?

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I have a document which exists in several language. I would like to propagate changes in styles or major formatting propagate accross language versions. DTP programs have the concept of master pages for these purposes. Is there something similar in LibreOffice, or some extension making management of multiple language versions of the same document easier?